Kitchen in Dartmouth Park, London

Kitchen in Dartmouth Park, London

Over many years, I have photographed just about every project of the brilliant luxury bespoke furniture company Williams Ridout that they deemed worth documenting.

This beautiful kitchen designed and built in a house extension, overlooking a stunning garden, was shot in March 2023. I love the sutle but stunning combination of richly veined solid woods, the rich olive green colour of the doors, and the mottled, variagated grey tones of the marble.

Joe Ridout and Alistair Williams have become good friends, and have even built our own olive wood kitchen in our Marylebone home, as well as wardrobes in the children’s room. See their website for their brilliant work and more of my images.

Adam Butler with the architect Letizia Vittoriano

Alistair Williams and Joe Ridout in the Williams Ridout workshop