Darling House, Crouch End, London

Alan Crawford Partnership Architects

Darling House, Crouch End, London

This marvellous house was built on the site once occupied by two derelict lock up garages. The architect Alan Crawford and his team meticulously and painstakingly achieved planning permission for this stunning modern house, laid out over 3 floors.

I was initially called in by Alan to photograph it before the client had moved in as the house was nominated for an architectural design competition, but I also photographed it again once it was furnished. As can be seen in these images.

Alan is a well known architect based in Muswell Hill, he is a specialist in finding under-utilised sites and turning them into cutting edge, beautifully designed modern houses, with great sentitivity to the surrounding environment. His skillful use of ceiling lights – openings allowing light to flood in from above whilst complying with building regulations restricting windows in narrow sites – is a feature of his work, as can be seen here in the luminous kitchen, where windows were not allowed on the rear elevation.

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Adam Butler with the architect Letizia Vittoriano

Sometimes you need to squeeze into tight spaces or corners in order to get the shot when photographing interiors. Here I am in a bath.