Kitchen in Clapham by Daniel Bruce

Kitchen in Clapham, South London, Bespoke Furniture by Daniel Bruce

The owners of this town house in leafy Clapham in South London spent 18 months completely refurnishing it, and this included a colourful and contemporary bespoke kitchen in the basement, designed and built by craftsman Daniel Bruce. The south facing aspect means it is bright and sunny, and the merging of two original rooms into one meant opening up onto the garden at the back, further allowing air and light to flood in. The basement therefore exudes a bright, light and spacious feel even if the actual dimensions are not as cavernous as it feels. 

The island features a solid top of English oak which Daniel repaired with dowels and resin, thereby making a feature of the natural cracks, rather like the Japanese art of kintsugi, where imperfections are embraced and cherished.