Brackenwood House, Dorset

Brackenwood House, Salcombe, Dorset.
Architecture by V1 Studio Architects

Victoria and Ben Johns of V1 Studio Architects were commissioned to design this spectacular modernist style house on a steeply sloping plot overlooking Salcombe estuary, one of the most picturesque stretches of coastline in the UK.

Situated on the Dorset coast in an area of outstanding natural beauty, the house is nestled within layers of traditionally constructed natural stone walled terraces. Designed using a combination of sustainable energy sources, the house is carbon neutral, and functions completely off-grid.

The steepness of the terrain meant the views from the house were spectacular with unobstructed views of the South Sands and sea beyond the from the multiple stacked terraces of the house and cascading into the garden below, but of course this also made photographing the exteriors quite a challenge!