Antika Villa, Panarea

Antika Villa, Panarea, Aeolian Islands, Sicily

I was contacted to photograph this stunning villa called Antika on the island of Panarea, where I regularly go, as we have a family house there. I have photographed many houses on this beautiful island over the years, but few are so visually breathtaking as this.

This villa, originally known as Casa Aguzzi, had sadly fallen into disrepair, but was recently acquired and completely refurbished by an Australian couple. They bravely undertook the huge task of restoring what they then renamed Antika with great taste and sensitivity, respecting the original design and features. Local materials were used as much as possible, and they closely followed traditional methods of building and detailing.

This house was originally designed and built by Paolo Tilche in the early 1970s. Tilche not only designed some of the most stunning villas on Panarea but he also built the Raya Hotel, one of the icons of the Mediterranean, and his design genius and style shine through in Antika today as it did back then.