Kitchen extension in the house of architect Bernard Stillwell

Architect Bernard Stillwell’s Kitchen, Herne Hill, London

Over many years, I have photographed many projects of the leading bespoke furniture design and production company Williams Ridout.

Bernard Stillwell has worked on many projects with Williams Ridout, and this is not the first time I have photographed his beautifully crafted and well thought out designs. This is his own house in south east London, in the leafy neighbourhood of Herne Hill.

Light is always of paramount important to any architect. In this modern extension to an Edwardian era house Bernard has sensitively blended the existing traditional style with the more modern new area, as well as making the most with skylights, oculi and spacious windows throughout. We had to postpone the photography of this project several times, as we wanted a day of continual and consistent sunlight, to show off how inportant it was to the design.

Furniture designer Joe, working in conjunction with Bernard, has made the most of the spaces, adding storage and maximising the layout and use of the kitchen units in the limited space to best effect, including the table that slots away.

Joe Ridout and Alistair Williams can always be relied upon to produce very clever and excellent quality work. See their website for their brilliant work and more of my images.

See architect Bernard Stillwell’s website

Joe Ridout and Alastair Williams in the WR workshop, north London

Alistair Williams and Joe Ridout in the Williams Ridout workshop