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 Come to do an Interiors and Architecture Photography Course in London!

Adam has been working as an interiors and architectural photographer for 20 years and his images have been published in many of the leading magazines and books all over the world.  In this course, you will learn the essential techniques necessary for making great photographs of interiors and exteriors of buildings, either for pleasure or for profit.


Learn how to make stand out images that make any room or building look fantastic, how to master light to create the best lighting conditions, what equipment you will need, and how to edit, correct and adjust your resulting images using programs such as Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop.

Loft apartment in Old Street, London. Julie Richards Architects

What the course covers

  • Why photograph buildings and interiors?
  • What makes a good interiors or architectural photograph?
  • Should you use natural light or artificial lights?
  • What cameras and accessories are recommended.
  • Which lenses to use in different scenarios for specific needs or effects.
  • How, if, and when to use a tilt/shift lens.
  • What makes a good composition in an interiors image.
  • Composing with colours, textures, forms, light.
  • Choosing the optimum light conditions to capture architecture.
  • When to use, and when to avoid wide angle lenses.
  • What angles to shoot from.
  • Understanding foreshortening and perspective within the structure of a composition.
  • How to use geometry and selective focus to create a feeling of 3D and depth
  • creating movement in the composition and how to deal with empty, burnt out,
    or dark areas in an image.
  • How to measure the light, and how to select the optimum exposure.
  • Which settings to use on the camera.
  • How to choose the best light conditions and angles.
  • Styling and preparing an interior to be photographed.
  • What to look for when shooting an interior or a building.
  • Understanding space, architecture, interior design, style and design.
  • Photographing an interior in difficult light conditions.
  • Using natural light.
  • Using existing or additional artificial lights to photograph an interior or a building.
  • How to photograph an interior with mixed light conditions (natural and artificial).
  • Photographing in strong sunlight and dealing with the problems it can cause.
  • Should you use fill-in flash in interior photography?
  • Shooting tethered to a laptop or iPad via cable or Wi-Fi
  • How to import instantaneously images into Lightroom with preset adjustments to show to clients in real time.
  • Processing and post processing of interiors and architectural images.
  • Why you rarely see a good photograph in an estate agent brochure.
All participants will be given a folder of extensive notes as well and guidelines from an interiors magazines on what they look for and require in submitted images.
This course is available either as an individual course, or in a group of up to a maximum of 3 participants.
The day consists mainly of discussions, explanations, and evaluating interiors and architectural images in magazines, books, from my own extensive database, and also any images brought in by participants.
Although this course is primarily theoretical and visual rather than practical, the individual course offers much greater opportunity to actually do some photography outdoors as well as indoors.
I will cover in depth the techniques to get the best out of your photographic equipment in order to produce great interiors and architectural photographs, as well as advising on which cameras, lenses and what other equipment is the most suitable, including all ancillary equipment.
You will be able to handle and learn how to use specialist accessories such as architectural tilt/shift lenses.
Kitchen in Fulham, London. Design by Joe Ridout
Nilsson House, Primrose Hill London. Interior Design by Mia Karlsson
Regency Style House, interior design by Vicki Wells

See the many different clients with whom Adam has worked and collaborated.

See the magazine covers from all over the world with Adam Butler’s images.

See Adam’s interiors and architecture photography website

Interiors and Architectural Photography Course

Prices as of autumn 2018:-
Individual tuition – £600 per day
Group course (max 2-3 people) – £300 per person

Modern apartment in Corso Sempione, Milan, Italy. Architecture by Stefano Cellerino/Modus Architects

What previous participants have said about this course:-

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  1. Jonathan Bond

    I was so glad I decided to attend one of Adams workshops. He has a wealth of knowledge and is great at explaining all the points that we went through. He is very personable and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day. He has been incredibly helpful post course as well in answering any questions I have come across since. I highly recommend Adam’s course!

  2. Simon Pizzey

    I was lucky enough to spend a day with Adam and one other student. It was an absolute pleasure from start to finish and a fantastic learning experience. Adam’s relaxed, but intense approach suited me perfectly. Clearly, he is a master of his art and has the rare ability to share his skill generously and with humour, as well as being an excellent host. He has an interesting life story and a passion for photography. Adam provides information to take away and offers follow up support you after the course . If you are hesitating, don’t, every penny will be well spent. I would however, recommend you do your homework and to benefit fully you really need a certain level of photographic understanding to start with.

  3. Kelly

    I recently attended an interiors photography course with Adam and one other participant.

    Adam is an extremely open and warm person and immediately made me feel welcome and at ease in his family home. As mentioned in the course description, the course is mainly theoretical and visual and covers a huge amount of information from the fundamental ‘rules’ of good interiors photography, to technical learning around lighting and equipment, to post processing editing and techniques. Having studied photography in the past and recently begun practicing within the interiors field, some of the course was an excellent refresher and other parts were eye opening and invaluable guidance through techniques and processes that were new to me. It has given me the confidence I needed to take the next step and fully pursue this genre professionally.

    I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to get into or improve their existing knowledge and ability in interiors photography.

  4. Laura

    My colleague and I learnt a whole host of new skills during Adam’s interior photography course. Adam is extremely knowledgeable on all things photographic, and has the ability to explain the more technical side of things in layman’s terms. We have come away from the course with a better understanding on the equipment we should be using, the different camera settings to use in order to get the best from a photograph, and how to perfect our photos with the use of post processing software (in our case, mostly Lightroom). Thank you Adam, our 2 day course has been invaluable!

  5. David Critchley

    I spent a day with Adam one to one as I wanted to improve my interior photography quickly. I had spent far to much time researching all of the courses available and decided to go with Adam as he told me straight away after looking at some of my work that he could improve me when other tutors had said that all I needed was a bit of tweaking.

    There is a lot of info to take in but the day was spent going through my work and teaching me how I could have done it better. We also went through editing and Adam taught me some excellent tips.

    I can honestly say that I am a better photographer after spending the day with Adam. My clients are hugely impressed with my new work and I look at each project differently.

    Thank you

  6. Colinda van Iperen

    Last week I attended Adam’s individual course. I learned a lot of new things about making compositions, dealing with light and editing in Lightroom and Photoshop afterwards and so on. A full day of so much information and inspiration!
    Adam is a wonderful person and super experienced. He explained very well and gave good feedback on my work. It gave me lot’s of confidence and energy to go on with I was already doing but in a better and more professional way.
    I honestly recommend this course!

  7. Franco

    Thanks Adam for this very informative and fun course. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and how you took time for all the participants questions without it interrupting the flow of the day. I am glad I came and I have a feeling that we will stay in touch. Biscuits top notch too!

  8. Claire

    I cannot recommend Adam enough! The course was thorough, informative and so interesting. Adam covered any and all aspects of photography that I needed to go over. He taught me the technical photographic and editing elements for interior photography. We covered a huge amount of ground while having a thoroughly enjoyable day.
    Adam’s knowledge and experience is invaluable and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.

  9. Julio Ranea

    Very interesting course.

    Participated in a group session, only 3 of us, which was great.

    For this course I would definitely recommend having a knowledge of photoshop/ lightroom as a novice would find it hard to follow.

    I only worked with photoshop but since the course, started with Lightroom and putting aside my Aperture.

    Highly recommended.

  10. Alberto Roggio

    Great decision to take a group workshop with Adam. The workshop was well structured and articulated, all above points in the description were discussed clearly and in depth. I would highly recommend it.

  11. Andrea

    I’d like to thank Adam for the individual course I recently took. The day was filled up with information that covered all the aspects of architectural and interior photography. We have been talking about the theory, the camera, the lens, the kit, the light, the market, the postproduction and… well… we have been looking at my pictures as well and I must say it’s really useful to have a feedback from an experienced photographer.
    I am quiet new to the photography field and I am really happy with this step ahead.
    Adam clearly likes teaching and the atmosphere was nice and informal.

  12. Bruna

    Interiors photography course with Adam was very good and beneficial, I have learnt so much in one day. He is very knowledgeable, professional and inspiring.I can’t wait to apply all my new skills in a shoot soon. Everything listed above was covered, and we get to take a great brochure home explaining it all again. Highly recommended.

  13. Isabella

    Adam is a great teacher, very patient and thorough and I got so much from even just one day of his course. Since then he has been incredibly generous with his time and advice. I highly recommend his course to anyone at any level of photography as it is relaxed, encouraging and above all very informative.

  14. Katie Spicer

    I have had Adam’s course on my To Buy wish list for some time. I am so glad I finally took the plunge! Adam is such a lovely man and his course was superb. Such fantastic value. Adam is incredibly generous with his knowledge and patiently answered lots of probably daft questions and tailored the day entirely to me, which was great. We covered so much ground and my confidence has shot up as a result. He demystified interior photography whilst empowering me to shoot more interiors.
    It has been an honour to learn from such an incredibly talented & generous photographer. If you are on the fence as I was, jump! It is well worth the investment! Thank you so much Adam.

  15. Mandy

    I recently attended a group course with Adam and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in interiors and architecture photography. Adam has a knack of putting you at ease straight away and the day was very informal yet highly informative. I feel I have come away with so much more knowledge and have the confidence to start building my own portfolio. He has kindly kept in touch and answered questions I had forgotten to ask at the time. Thank you, Adam, your course was money well spent!

  16. Kate

    I took Adam’s interior photographic course to enable me to photograph my own interior design work for my portfolio. I was amazed that I learnt so much in one day thanks to Adam’s knowledge and approach. I learnt essential skills that will shape my photography going forward. I couldn’t recommend the course highly enough.

  17. Mark Nathan

    Adam is an incredible teacher. The day I spent on his course gave me a huge amount of information and advice. In just one day he gave me all the fundamentals of interior photography and I feel sure this would have taken months, even years to learn by other methods.

    Adam went through my photographs and advised how I could have taken much better pictures, he then explained the approach taken in the major interior publications/magazines to taking high quality photographs and then used his photographs to illustrate the best approach to composition, light and to making the room one would want to be in.

    His relaxed approach made the day very enjoyable and easy to assimilate the massive amount of information he gave me.

    I cannot recommend Adam too highly and I plan to have a follow up session in a few months.

  18. Jane Cave

    I did a group course (only four of us) with Adam and found him to be very knowledgeable and informative as well as friendly and relaxed. We all had slightly different areas we wanted to cover and Adam was extremely adept at helping in all aspects. We learned an awful lot in the day. I would definitely recommend one of his courses and can’t wait to put everything into practice.

  19. Alexandria

    I cant recommend the interiors course more highly, not only did Adam book me in at extremely short notice, but he helped coach me on my very specific requirements for a shoot I had that following week. No matter what your skill set, intermediate or beginner, Adam has the ability to adapt the training to fit your requirements as well as ensuring you learn the key skills needed to progress your career, your passion, or in my case win a job! Besides all that, he’s a great laugh and really easy going, teaches coherently, and even been kind enough to critique my work when I needed some honest and subjective feedback. Thanks a million Adam xx

  20. Dan

    I attended the course as part of a small group of three. Adam made everyone feel immediately comfortable and was an excellent mentor throughout the session. The course covers a full range of essential topics such as techniques, gear and post processing, and it’s filled with gems of information stemming from Adam’s extensive experience. I came out of the course with a solid grounding in the subject and with a confidence to start putting what I’d learnt into practice. Highly recommended.

  21. Danielle

    I found Adam’s interior and architectural course very rewarding and he has inspired me to want to learn more. He covered a whole range of useful information and shared tips along the way. I found Adam very personable, friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend this course and I hope to attend some more courses with Adam in the future.

  22. Mike Baldock

    Just finished a day session with Adam – it was a great experience and we covered so much ground. We covered all the aspects of architectural photography from the kit, to the shoot, to the style, the requirements from magazines and clients, and even the post-production. I have been taking photos for 15 years for work, just basic scouting photos nothing professional, but I have a good understanding of basic photography and workflow, but I learnt so much about how to tweak what I do to take my photos up to the next level. He knows his trade very well, and he is passionate about what he does – by the end of the day my head was spinning with great information. Would highly recommend the course.

  23. Dina Samahy

    I flew all the way from Egypt to take this course with Adam. Apart from being a great photographer, he’s a great mentor also. I have learnt so much from him. He has helped me to take my career to a more professional level. I take his opinion on most of the things and he’s always been there to give advice and help me. Adam I thank you and I can’t wait to learn more from you.

  24. Brian Lewis

    I am hoping to be in London this July and hope that I can attend a course with Adam at that time.

  25. Jessica

    I took part in the group interiors photography course. It was a really enjoyable experience and I learnt so much in the one day we had. Adam is an excellent teacher and his passion shows through when he’s speaking, it really inspires you!
    From analysing his own photographs, we learnt a vast amount of post-editing techniques as well as great photography tips and advice.
    I would highly recommend this course.

  26. William Morgan

    To begin, Adam made our group of four feel very welcome and at ease almost immediately. He really inspires you with his enthusiasm and vast amounts of knowledge on Architecture/interior photography and photography in general. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, I learnt a huge amount from the group course, and I’m looking to take part in another individual course at some point in the near future.

  27. Monika

    It was a second one-day course with Adam for me.
    He is a fountain of information and whether you are a beginner or a pro he makes the material extremely easy to understand and put into action. His friendly manner put even the shyest of people immediately at ease and able to chat without reservations. He enthuses and inspires, touching on various aspects of important components of a great photo like composition, lighting, styling etc. One is learning so much. I would highly recommend the course!!!

  28. Randi

    I recently did a one-day group course with Adam and learned so much that day. As mentioned by others, Adam is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced photographer and conveys this information in a clear and concise manner. He’s a lovely guy, very giving of his time and expertise, and happy to answer any questions no matter what your experience level. I am looking forward to putting into practice some of the things I learned and have no doubt my interior images will improve greatly as a result. I highly recommend this course – it’s a fun and informative day and you will definitely learn a lot.

  29. Yasmine

    Great opportunity for professional photographers to learn more and get to have feedback from a great photographer with enormous knowledge.
    i’m really happy I took this course and I spent the day with a very interesting and patient person, I highly highly recommend the course!

  30. Lydia

    Having taken an individual class with Adam, I feel excited to get out there and explore the possibilities of the camera. Anything I wanted to go through or understand better was no problem and everything was explained in great detail followed with practicals and then visual examples. I highly recommend the individual course as it is 100% tailored to your own needs.

  31. Jordan

    I did a one to one course with Adam and I was able to put what I learned to good use immediately! I would recommend the course to anyone that needs help with architectural photography. Adam is very good at explaining things and understands exactly what it is you as an individual need to improve on. A truly top man with a lot of talent.

  32. Olly

    I recently took a group interior photography course and being a photographer found it very interesting. Adam’s photos are amazing and is happy to teach you all need to know to achieve similar results. It’s a packed day and learnt loads that I can translate to my images.

  33. Louise

    I took an individual course with Adam and really enjoyed it. Adam was very patient and generous with his expertise. The day flew by as there was so much to learn and I left feeling enthused and eager to get snapping!

  34. Andrea

    I am a photographer and I found Adam’s course really interesting. His photos are amazing and he is a really good photographer. I was in a group of three people and Adam gave us both theoretical and practical instruction. Despite the limited time he managed to give us a lot of interesting information and tips to work on.
    I honestly recommend this course.
    Thank you Adam.

  35. Nick Braithwaite

    Adam is a very engaging, lively, helpful and unstuffy teacher who communicates his evident professional expertise and experience in a very enthusiastic and helpful interactive way. Highly recommended.

  36. Veronica Garcia

    I recently took a one day group course with Adam and I absolutely loved it! He is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. His courses are packed full with useful information and he is more than happy to answer any queries you might have and give advice.
    All in all, a very enjoyable day in the company of an excellent photographer! Highly Recommended.

  37. Alexandra

    I took an individual Class with Adam this week and he has taught me a lot in that little time frame…from what Interior Magazines expect of you to looking at my camera and teaching me things about it that I did not know. Even though I am a complete beginner Adam was very gracious about that and I also believe, as has been commented before, he is a great photographer with tremendous knowledge and one can surely learn lots more from him! I definitively recommend this to any aspiring photographer!

  38. Carolina

    I took Adam’s individual course last week and I must say that it was absolutely great. I’m really glad I decided to contact him in the first place. We looked into everything listed above + other doubts I had. We also analyze interior design magazines and he showed me lots of tips and tricks to become much better at taking photographs. He has also offer to give me feedback in my next photoshoots.
    I completely recommend this course if you are looking to learn from a great professional photographer.

  39. David Charbit

    Doing an interiors workshop with Adam was a fantastic decision. Quite simply, I learned so much from the day. This was due in large part to the fact that Adam is great photographer, able to pass on a wealth of knowledge whatever your experience. Just as pleasing was how much I enjoyed the day, and this is thanks to Adam’s sense of style, and enthusiasm for design, composition and the other elements that make up a great interiors photograph. Highly recommended.


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