Images of Panarea and the Aeolian Islands

Sette Mulini Terrace

The Aeolian islands, located off the north eastern tip of Sicily, are recognised and protected by Unesco as a World Heritage Site because of their unique natural beauty and ancient history. Each of the islands has their own character, from the constantly smouldering, black beached Stromboli, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, the vineyard-lined hills and salt pans of Salina, the leap back in time of the remote Alicudi to the white beaches of Lipari.

Most of the images in this section are however of Panarea, the smallest, most elegant and beautiful of the archipelago of seven islands, where we have a house. Its rugged, volcanic rocky coastlines are tempered by the most idyllic whitewashed buildings lined with bright splashes of multi coloured bougainvilleas and oleanders; the cuboid architectural forms are interjoined by staircases, terraces and pathways and set in an almost surreal landscapes of giant boulders, cacti and flowering fig, lemon and almond trees.

This island has captivated me since the mid-1980s when I began photographing it. I am still today totally bewitched by strong light, colours and contrasts of this island, by the jaw-droppingly beautiful views of blinding white terraces and architecture against the deep blue of the sky and Mediterranean sea.

My photographs of Panarea and the other islands have been shown in exhibitions in the UK, France and in the US, and are in countless private and corporate collections throughout the world, as well as having won various photographic awards. 

All of these images are available to purchase as limited edition prints.

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They are also available framed with mount, or as acrylic glass prints on aluminium, see framing page for details.

They are also available to be licensed for any editorial, advertising, or other use, please enquire.

See my book “Panarea” published in 1998.

One of my photographs of Panarea was used on the “Escape to Panarea” perfume by renowned fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, as well as in books and magazine articles on Panarea, as well as on many magazine covers.

More images of Panarea and the Aeolian Islands available to see on my Flickr, Facebook and Instagram pages

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Dolce and Gabbana – Light Blue “Escape to Panarea” perfume with a photograph of mine of an alleyway in Panarea.