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Commissioning Adam Butler to photograph your interiors or architecture project

Information and licensing terms and conditions

I have been photographing on commission for architects, interior designers, specialist craftsmen, developers, and many other clients for over 25 years. I am regularly asked questions regarding the usages of the images I supply, so I will outline the basics here.

Commissioning me – what to expect
If you commission me to photograph your project, this will be upon agreement of my fees: a day rate (or half day) based on an estimate of the time needed to photograph it, and a licence fee for the intended use of the images.

Processing, adjusting the light and tonal corrections, and editing of every image is included, including removing all small blemishes, marks, scratches, unsightly grills, switches, plugs, electrical sockets, etc. This is always very time consuming as I take pride in my work and the resulting images will be significantly different from what you might initially see straight out of the camera.  Anything requiring more complex photoshopping, such as editing out larger or complicated objects, replacing artworks, changing the colours of furniture, etc will be charged extra. I will discuss this with you as and when required.

Licensing and usage terms
All images I will give you will always remain my “intellectual property”. This means I will retain ownership and copyright to them, in perpetuity. You will not therefore “buy” or “own” the images, you license their use. Depending on your requirements, the licensing terms will cover any usage relating to the advertising, marketing, or promotion of your work in any form, format, or media from printed brochures to online social media. It is all pretty standard.

What you cannot do is to either sell the images or even give them to any third party to use. This includes anyone else involved in the project such as any professional collaborators, specialised craftsmen or other contractors, any magazines, books, newspapers, etc. Any third party who would want to use the images, has to do so only with my written consent via a licence agreement. Not doing so will be a breach of copyright laws. This includes any commercial third party’s use on any Facebook, Instagram or other social media pages, or their website, whether or not they include my name or tag. They must obtain a licence from me for their use before doing so. There will be a charge, but I am flexible.

Likewise should a magazine request one or more of the images of your project, or even an entire feature to publish, they must obtain a licence from me before doing so. I understand that if you are an interior designer or architect, having your work published in a magazine is important marketing, but the magazine has to get in touch with me first, and under no circumstances can they publish the images without contacting me for a licence. This would be an infringement of copyright.

I have on rare occasions photographed a residential project where the owner of the apartment or house has requested total privacy, and for the images not to be published anywhere. This should be made clear to me before I accept the ecommission.

I understand that photographing certain valuable objects such as works of art can be a security risk, and we can can either remove them, or blur any paintings or replace them with other images.

Although I am now very reluctant to consider not showing the images anywhere, or pledging to delete all copies of the images after delivering them, I will however consider such requests. Please get in touch to discuss. As I am sure you can understand, it would be unreasonable to expect me to agree to this after completing the commission and after agreeing my fee.

Any personal or family photographs which might be in a residential interior, especially if they include children, will be removed and not photographed. In the event of my not noticing or forgetting to remove them, I will blur out the faces of people in the photographs before delivering my images.

Location and names
Beyond a vague reference to the general location, I will never disclose the address of any private or residential interior I photograph, nor will I ever disclose the name of the owner(s) of the house, unless as part of a feature based on them.

My use
I retain the right to use any image of your project photographed by me for my own use on my website, or to sell directly or via my agent to any third party, to image libraries, or for any request to be published in books, magazines, brochures, etc. I will always include the name of the architect, interior designer or craftsmen wherever possible, but on rare occasions it might not be to include them.

Commissioning me to photograph your project confirms you agree to all of this, and I look forward to a fruitful collaboration!

Nash Terrace House in Regent's Park, interior design by Gaye Gardner

House in Regent’s Park, London. Interior design by Gaye Gardner

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