Special Offers Page

Welcome to my special offers page! I have many prints which I am now happy to offer at significantly reduced prices. These are either artist’s proofs, or of older images printed on different media, prints in different sizes or formats from those currently available, or of prints of older views that I no longer offer for sale. These are available at much reduced costs on this page; mainly because I am running out of space to store everything!

Artist’s proofs are images that are test prints; therefore prints made to examine the resulting tonality or colour density, intensity or balance of views. If the image is later modified, then these first “test” prints I class as artist’s proofs. Alternatively, some of my views are printed in slightly different formats or crops than those offered on this website, but which are otherwise identical – these are also classified as artist’s proofs.

I will also offer prints that are perfectly fine tonally, but which may have one or more small dust marks somewhere, or a small edit or retouching which needs doing, and which I only noticed after the print was made. Since I strive to be a perfectionist, I do not offer for sale at full price any image that is less than perfect.

Many photographer and printmakers, I have seen, offer a number of artist’s proofs – at full price or more – in order to increase the number of their prints that are available in a limited edition. I only offer prints that are (mostly slightly) modified from their full price versions, and at significantly reduced price (normally 50%). These prints are however still all perfectly fine – those that I consider aren’t fine, I tear up and throw away. All available at special offers prices!

I will also list here a some prints, again framed or unframed, that I feel are perhaps of older views – since London in particular changes so quickly! – and therefore not listed for sale on this website. Again, these prints are perfectly fine but I cannot keep them in stock for ever as I am running out of space!

All of these images – framed or unframed – are in perfect condition unless clearly stated otherwise.

Please note that it is mostly impossible to show some of the very subtle tonal changes between these images and the final versions. I will try to describe these variations as best as I can, but anyone interested is of course welcome to visit me and to examine and compare them for themselves.

NB although my logo “© Adam Butler” is on many of the images here, it is of course not on any of the images offered for sale! I just do this to stop people stealing my work..  🙁

Here below are the images currently available as special offers. Happy browsing!

River Thames Panorama from Waterloo Bridge, November 2017.

This image is an artist’s proof archival giclée print on Hahnemülhe photo rag paper, 45 x 135cm size. The image itself is a little bit more contrasty, with slightly darker blues than the final edit, as it was the first test print I did of this image at full size. It is in perfect condition.

Normal price £500.  Artist’s Proof price £250

Blackfriars Bridge, River Thames, St Paul’s and The City at Dusk.

This is an acrylic glass mounted prints of one of my all time best selling panoramic views of London. This image is a bit wider than the currently offered versions of this view, and has therefore slightly different proportions, measuring 150cm x 41cm. This view includes more of the buildings on the left hand side, which I later cropped out on the later version of this view. Otherwise it is identical to the full priced view available on the London Panoramas page.

Nowadays I offer all of my panoramic views in 1:3 format, whereas this is in the longer and slimmer 1:3.66 format. It is made with the now unavailable 8mm acrylic glass, which makes it especially luminous and lustrous. It comes with batons affixed to the back for mounting on the wall, and it is in perfect condition.

Normal cost for this image size would be £800. This one is available for just £500.

More coming soon!!!