Images of Scotland

Scotland is widely and justifiably regarded as amongst the most beautiful places on the planet. The rugged, weather-beaten coastlines, the multitude of island and lochs, the dramatic, bare and cloud covered mountains, and the mysterious air of ancient history lies thick in the air, make it visually like nowhere else. Few places fill you with as much emotion as the spectacle of the hundreds of medieval castles, many in ruins, that are scattered around the country, set on craggy cliffs, on tiny islands, on the shores of sea lochs, or i the middle of the countryside. 

I was born in Scotland as my family went to live here in the early 1960s, and Edinburgh is still my family home. I went to school here, speak with a Scottish accent, and am proud to have this close association with this remarkable country which I still love dearly despite living now between London and Panarea in the Aeolian Islands. Alas I have neglected travelling and photographing around my home country until now, but it is my desire to start exploring the coastlines, the sandy beaches of remote islands, the cliff-faces beaten by the surging Atlantic Ocean waves, and the dramatic landscapes, so watch this space as this gallery will start to expand soon.