Primrose Hill Frosty Dawn

 Primrose Hill Frosty Dawn

Primrose Hill Frosty Dawn

There is something special about the light and colours in the time just before sunrise. The soft and muted tones in the sky, gradually illuminating the trees and buildings in the foreground and horizon as they emerge from the haze, can often be quite magical to witness when the conditions are right. One of my favourite places in London from which to observe this wonderful spectacle is Primrose Hill.

This particular morning was perhaps the most mesmerising of the many, many sunrises I have seen from Primrose Hill. I arrived when it was still dark, well before sunrise, in order to be set and ready with my camera, and tripod in good time. There was just a thin strip of a rich, blood-red colour on the distant horizon and the sky above was full of bright, twinkling stars.

Accompanied by my good friend Kent who had come along with me that morning, helping me to carry my heavy camera bags, I began to quiver with excitement as I saw just how magical the scene before me was unfolding as I got higher up the steep slope of the hill with every step. I immediately recognized, with the red and orange horizon, crystal clear sky, and frosty mist at ground level, just what a spectacle it would be that chilly November morning.

I managed to get a number of fantastic shots, which I have put together into panoramic views (some also available here), but for me the most evocative view is this one which I have entitled “Primrose Hill Frosty Dawn”. Captured before the sun rose, it is a view of the entire park, still with the path lights on, illuminating the frozen mist at ground level, with the colours gradually evolving from yellows and greens  to reds, oranges and cool blues.

This was a day definitely worth getting up so early for, and also suffering the cold!

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