Panarea & Aeolian Islands in Black and White

Panarea & Aeolian Islands in Black and White

The Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily are well known to be jewels of rare beauty in the Mediterranean, and Panarea in particular has also effuses a sophisticated charm in the refined, exotic mix of people who inhabit or frequent it. However, once the summer crowds of party-goers depart, they leave behind a tranquil haven of natural and architectural wonder, a unique microcosm of dramatic light and contrasts, which Adam has been capturing for many years.

The rugged and harsh volcanic landscape is softened by the cascades of whitewashed cuboid houses and their terraces, offering both dramatic views and scintillating subjects to Adam’s eye.

Adam has been photographing the landscapes and houses in the Aeolian islands for many years. His family has owned a house on Panarea since the 1950s and he has been spending part of each year there since he was a child. Adam’s photographs of Panarea are in countless private and corporate collections throughout the world, have been featured in many magazines and books, and have also won various photographic awards.

All of these images are available to purchase as fine art limited edition prints. They are also available to be licensed for editorial or advertising, please enquire.

A book of his images entitled “Panarea” was published in 1998. His images have been used on products such as the “Escape to Panarea” perfume by renowned fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, as well as in books and magazine articles on Panarea, and on various magazine covers. More images of Panarea and the Aeolian Islands available to see on these Flickr and Facebook pages.

Adam Butler’s book of photographs “Panarea“, Iditella Press, 1998