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Adam Butler’s landscapes and cityscapes photographs have won various awards, have been extensively published in books and magazines as well as being also used for commercial purposes. Limited edition prints of his images are in countless collections throughout the world, including those of British companies, multinational corporations, local government collections and ministerial collections as well as numerous private collections.

He captures images primarily of Mediterranean views, panoramic views and cityscapes of London, still lifes and various black and white scenes.

In his most recent work, Adam mixes traditional methods alongside digital manipulations, striving to evoke an atmosphere of space and openness as well as timelessness and enigma, and in all cases endeavouring to avoid the mundane or descriptive.

There is often a human presence in his images but they are not always the subject, serving just as often as merely a catalyst for the composition. Much of his work is redolent of the strong light, deep shadows and sharp contrasts that inspire him, and he regularly works in remote locations in the Mediterranean.

Here in the links at left can be found a selection of his images listed by subject.

All of these images are in limited editions and are available to purchase directly from this website, but there is always a selection of framed and unframed work that can be seen in person at his studio in central London.

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