Black and White

There is a certain magic in black and white photography, in it’s distillation of graphical monotone contrasts.

I have been working with black and white photography for over 20 years, and have covered the whole spectrum of techniques from mixing the chemicals and developing and processing my own film and prints, and today manipulating  or combining images on photoshop and printing them digitally.

There is mystery in the the pure essence of light as seen in a black and white image, and enigmatic quality that is hard to describe, but something which touches our inner essence. Could it be that we dream in lack and white? Or does our imagination fire more when colour information is not present in what we observe?

Perhaps our faculties of perception are heightened when we see contrasts of tone rather than a plethora of colour.

Here is a selection of images in black and white. I hope you enjoy them.

As before, they are all available to purchase should you be so inspired to do so.

Also, they can be licensed for commercial or editorial use. Please get in touch to discuss